Guard House and parking booth.

What is a guardhouse? A guardhouse is a substation at the entrance of a residential or office location as a checkpoint. The function of a guardhouse is to monitor, secure, and control access to commercial facilities, such as industrial or residential locations. In making a guardhouse, cubicle size is an important factor. We must adjust the size of the guardhouse to the needs of its construction. The guardhouse usually to protect construction sites, parking lots, elite housing, or office buildings. There are many benefits you can get from building a guardhouse.

  1. Give a sense of security
    The guardhouse provides security for residents. Residents feel safe because there are guards who control the entry and exit of people into their area. The guards also can observe if there is something out of the ordinary. Not only in housing but offices also guard homes are also always there.
  2. Become a place for security officers.
    It would be a pity if the security officer did not have a place for them to do their job. With a guardhouse, officers can work more effectively and are protected from rain and scorching heat. The clerk also has a place to rest. The presence of a guardhouse is vital. Its function is protecting your area, so you have to make it comfortable.

The function of the parking booth is also almost the same as the guardhouse. When you are at an event or to a place that makes you have to park your vehicle, the parking booth is a part that cannot be left behind. The parking booth allows you to park your car calmly and feel safe because officers are watching the situation in the parking area. Especially if you are at the location of a busy event, parking booths can be a benchmark for you to find your vehicle. Parking booths also make entering and exiting vehicles more controlled and neat. The vehicles that in and out can be monitored easier and prevent unwanted things from happening.

If you want to create a guard post or parking lot in your area, make sure you make it the right size so that security officers can feel comfortable being inside. Usually, for parking lots, people use 2.5 × 1.5 m with isolated porters. You can adjust the location of windows and doors according to your needs. Build a guardhouse with a lightweight metal so you can renovate or move it. Metal is the right material for parking lots and guardhouses because besides being sturdy, this material is also resistant to weather.

guard house

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