Parking lot / Dump shelters

Parking booths called gatehouses or gatekeepers have a light steel structure. Our offer also includes dustbin shelters.

The lodges are made of a closed profile that has been galvanized. The whole structure is very secure, solidly made. Thanks to the easy disassembly, the parking gate can be moved to any place without having to rent special equipment. An additional advantage is the electrical installation distributed in the room, the overhead cable protruding from the lamp, the light switch on and off and the socket.

Dump shelters are characterized by the unique design of a cold bent angle subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing method, thanks to which they are resistant to adverse weather conditions. The advantage is the adaptation of the carport to the customer’s needs in terms of color, gate installation or other direction of roof pitch.

In addition to parking posts, we also offer dump shelters, which are made of cold bent angle subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing method. In addition, they are clad with galvanized sheet metal with top extensions made of in-house mesh, allowing air filtration. The carport has a half-double mesh door, 2 meters wide, and its roof in the basic variant has a back slope (however, there is a possibility of any configuration of this element).

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