Delivery & Installation

Supply  of metal garages Consteel Ltd company provides DELIVERY FREE OF CHARGE ALL OF United Kingdom We provide FREE transport of our garages throughout the country, the duration of the order from 5 to 21 days.

Our drivers will contact you 24 hours prior to the delivery. Once your garage is delivered our installation crew will call you the next day.

Installation  fees for assembling the garage structure is £499 .

Preparation of the base:

The base for the garage must be levelled. The minimum is 6 concrete blocks arranged around the perimeter, 4 pieces in the corners, and the other two in the middle of the wall. Another option is building a foundation, concrete flooring or lining the floor with cobblestones. Below you can see a drawing of the arrangement of concrete blocks for a standard metal garage which is 9.84 ft  wide and 16.40 ft deep.

In our garages there is an angle in a threshold as standard. In the case of flat ground (flooring, paving stones) using a flat bar is recommended. This option is £ 50.

Each garage must be mounted to the floor. Mounting can be done by a customer on his own or services can be used. In the case of mounting to the ground, metal anchors are used, while in the case of floor metal-plastic dowels are used. There is also the possibility of mounting structures by means of chemical anchors.

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