Are the dimensions given internal dimensions?

The garage dimensions given are external dimensions. There is always a tolerance of a few centimeters, due to the fact that the garages are bolted together, the actual size may slightly differ from the ordered size. However, the difference does not exceed a few centimeters.

How to prepare the area for the garage?

The area for the garage must be leveled and leveled. A spout with enlarged dimensions of about 20 cm is preferred. Alternatively, concrete blocks can be laid out and leveled (e.g. paving tiles, trelin, brick).

Is there a guarantee for the garage?

There is a 1 year warranty on the steel structure. The warranty is based on a VAT invoice or payment confirmation issued by a driver.

How can I order a garage?

The garage can be ordered: – by phone – by email – by website.

Is electricity required during installation

Installators have a power generator with them, so there is no need for electricity.

Is the structure galvanized?

The garage structure is not galvanized as standard. It is only painted with a primer paint. After assembly, every customer is required to paint the structure with a topcoat. Alternatively, for an additional fee, the construction can be made of galvanized sections, then the welding points should be protected by topcoat paint.

What is the assembly of the gate in a brick garage?

Installation of the gate consists in inserting it into the hole prepared earlier by the customer. Then the gate is fixed to the wall with dowels and foamed. The assembly service does not include dismantling the old gate.

How is the order confirmed?

Each order is confirmed by phone a few days before delivery. Then all the details are confirmed in the telephone conversation. After confirmation by phone the order goes to production and it is final.

How to determine the door opening direction correctly?

We always set the door opening direction when standing outside the building (garage) and looking at the door. Then if the hinges are on our left side then the door is left, while if the hinges are on the right side then the door is right. This principle is applied both to the door opening outwards and inwards.

What is the type of rivets on the garage covered with acrylic sheet?

We use aluminum rivets to fix the acrylic sheet on the garage construction, because they are stronger than colored rivets. After installation, the customer is obliged to remove the protective film on their own.

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