Gatehouse/shed 2.6 m x 2.4 m

£ 6,999.00



Office container with external dimensions 3.00 m wide x 2.40 m deep. The structure is made of angles protected with primer and topcoat paint. Roof with a slope to the rear 2.48m front – 2.43m rear. The sheathing of the walls is a sandwich panel with a polystyrene core, panel thickness 75mm. The walls are additionally covered with a golden oak-colored sheet, the sheet is arranged horizontally with the color on a wide ribbing. Brown-RAL8017 sandwich panel on the roof, plate thickness 75mm. PVC window 118×100 and PVC window 118×100 installed in the container. Additionally, brown external blinds are installed. HORMANN door in brown-RAL8017 color is mounted in the container. Container equipped with an electrical installation with a heater. The whole has flashing in the form of corners and windchests in the color of golden oak.

Features of the 3.00m x 2.40m social container:

external steel doors
22 mm floor with PVC lining
sheet metal finishes: corners, wind braces
PVC window 118 x 100 mm
PVC display cabinet 118×100
brown external blinds
sandwich panel 75 mm
the board is additionally covered with a golden oak sheet
electrical installation
an electric heater


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