Metal garage Hall 12x6m Matte Black + Matte Graphite + Gate

£ 6,999.00



A metal garage in the colors Matte Black and Matte Graphite with the option of being used as a 12×6 hall with three up-and-over doors in a wide horizontal trapezoidal sheet.
Unusual tin garage, which can be used as a garage hall / or for mechanical activities. Thanks to the raised construction, it can be used with automatic gate drive.

As a manufacturer, we offer any configuration (dimensions, colors, roof pitch, type of gates, trapezoidal sheets, window arrangement, wickets, automation) For this purpose, please contact our Customer Service Office

For the safety of stored items, we mount locks with 3 keys.
The sheet metal from which the gates, walls and roof are made has an increased coefficient of resistance to UV rays, thanks to which the colors do not lose their color over time.

As the only company in Poland we use a system of adjustable springs supporting the opening and closing of gates. This ensures that the gate opens easily and comfortably and also prevents the gate from falling suddenly when closing. Other companies do not use this solution!

Garage parameters
width: 12 m
length: 6 m
height at the highest point: 3.00 m
height at the lowest point: 2.70 m
entry light height: 2.70 m
entry light width: 2.80 m
three up-and-over gates equipped with two windows of 0.63m x 0.33m (equipped with 6 certified springs, supporting opening and closing)
corner and roof fittings
roof with a slope backwards
additional grilles between the gates
wide, horizontal trapezoidal sheet of gates
wicket in a wide, horizontal trapezoidal sheet
vertical trapezoidal sheet of side walls
color of roof, fittings, walls, grilles: Matowa Black
color of gates, wickets: Matte Graphite
sheet-colored rivets and screws!
no partitions between the gates (inside)
You can change the position of the windows in the gate or remove them.
Extra paid options – available on phone order
additional doors in gates or walls
additional holes for windows in the walls
change to Wood-like colors
the possibility of installing AUTOMATICS for garage doors


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