Metal garage Warehouse 20×7 Black + Antares Afterglow

£ 24,999.00



Metal garage 20x7m with an increased, additionally reinforced structure with four overhead gates equipped with automatic devices, openings for windows and a wicket.

The supporting structure is made of thick-walled steel angles and profiles with wide cross-sections painted with black undercoat paint. In addition, the sheet metal on the walls and roof is in the form of a narrow T14 trapezoid, which further increases the rigidity and durability of the structure.

Bearing in mind the resistance to adverse weather conditions and snow pressure, the roof structure is reinforced with trusses, and transversely reinforced with 6x4cm galvanized profiles.

The elevated construction, high gates with automation mean that the garage can be successfully used as a warehouse or for production or mechanical activities.

The sheet metal from which the gates, walls and roof are made has an increased coefficient of resistance to UV rays, thanks to which the colors do not lose their color over time.

Taking care of the overall aesthetics of the construction, the elements of the structure and roof sheet are externally masked with fittings.

Technical data:

width: 20m
length: 7m
fall with a fall backwards
total height of the front: 3,5m
total height back: 3m
gate width: 2.96m
gate height: 2.9m
wide horizontal trapezoidal sheet of entrance gates
gate automation from the reputable company SOMMER
gates equipped with a system of 6 extension springs supporting opening and closing
corner and roof fittings
6 window openings measuring 80x60cm (3 on the left wall and 3 on the right)
A wicket on the right wall of the garage 200x100cm
Narrow trapezoidal sheet of walls and roof (T14)

Walls, roof fittings, premium color: Matte Black
Entrance gates and wicket: Antares` Afterglow [Color made especially for our order]
Metal rivets and mounting screws


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