Construction Shed in 4mx6m 13ftx20ft galvanized, double-leaf gate

£ 1,420.00



Construction Shed of the most popular dimensions 4mx6m

with a double-leaf gate. We cover the outer cover of the Construction Shed with a hot galvanized trapezoidal sheet in grade I with high weather resistance.

We make the Construction Shed structure of a cold-bent angle painted with primer paint. The door leaves have increased stiffness because of additional reinforcement with “cross” brackets. The high stability of the structure is also guaranteed by the closed profiles used in the roof with large cross-sections and chief strength.

The roof of the Construction Shed in the basic variant has a slope to the back, however, for an additional fee, there is the possibility of any configuration of this element.

The safety of items stored in the garage is provided by a standard key lock and additional padlock holders.

Construction Shed parameters

  • 4 m wide/13ft 1in
  • Length 6 m/19ft 8in
  • 2.20m/7ft 3in total front height
  • Back height 1.90 m/6ft 3in
  • Gate entry height 2 m/6ft 7in
  • Double-leaf gate opening sideways
  • We can mount the door on the right or left side of the Construction Shed and in the middle
  • Roof slope towards the rear
  • Lock in the middle with two keys
  • Two padlock holders (top and bottom)
  • Bolts from the inside
  • Extra paid options – available on phone orders
  • Up-and-over door (equipped with 6 certified springs for easy opening and closing)
  • Different sheet color (from the RAL palette)
  • The additional Construction Shed door
  • Window (frame, without filling)