Metal garage 6m x 6m (19ft 8.22in x 19ft 8.22in) White + Light Oak + Matte graphite + gable roof

£ 7,200.00



A metal garage with dimensions of 6m x 6m (19ft 8.22in x 19ft 8.22in) in three colors, equipped with two drives for gates.

The outer sheathing of the garage is clad with I-class trapezoidal sheet metal with high resistance to weather conditions.
The structure of the garage is made of closed profiles, painted with black primer paint.
The high stability of the structure is also guaranteed by the closed profiles of large cross-sections and high strength used in the roof.
The offered garage is equipped with a gable roof, but there is a possibility of any configuration of variants and roof slopes. For this purpose, please contact our Customer Service Office.

Garage parameters:

  • horizontal trapezoidal sheet of walls
  • horizontal, wide trapezoidal door leaf
  • width: 5,92m (19ft 5.07in)
  • length: 5,92m (19ft 5.07in)
  • up-and-over gates opening upwards
  • gates equipped with a system of tension springs supporting opening and closing
  • 2x SOMMER automatic gate operators
  • gable roof
  • Wicket on the left wall of the garage
  • color of the gates: Light Oak
  • color of walls, side fittings: White
  • color of the roof, roof fittings: Matte Graphite
  • roofing sheet covered with an anti-condensation layer preventing water condensation

Possible additions extra paid:

  • structure made of galvanized closed profiles
  • roof slope to the rear / front / left / right
  • possibility of any configuration of dimensions
  • anchoring to the ground
  • double-leaf gate or door
  • tilt window
  • gutters and drains
  • anti-condensation felt against water condensation
  • transparent roof
  • gate lifting mechanism
  • steel roof tile
  • sectional gate
  • rolling gate
  • removing the protective film from the garage
  • asembly of a garage

Other options according to customer specification

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Delivery from 1-6 weeks

Sometimes we need help unloading the garage.

The garage is available on an individual order, in the event of a purchase, it is not possible to withdraw from the order.



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