Mobile modular buildings portable cabin, home, office. Price for 1 sqm.

£ 999.00



The supporting structure of our containers is a steel frame with holes for the HDS crane, to which the floor, walls, and roof are attached. As standard, a single module has the following dimensions:

-Length 19.86ft / 6,05m

– Width 7.98ft / 2.43m

-Height 9.35ft / 2.85m

The walls of the container are usually made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 0.32 ft / 100 mm, with polyurethane insulation, ensuring an insulation coefficient at the level of a traditional building.

Below we present the offer of ready-made MC systems. Each model is built on a solid “backbone”, i.e. a construction FRAME (catalog number: MC.0.A) and can be freely modified and adapted to individual needs.


Container armed:

Windows ALURON ACS 50 – 2x (aluminum)

Door with ALURON ACS 50 – 1x glazing (aluminum)

Decor – version 1 (golden oak)

The price in the advertisement includes the MC1.B container



FRAME solid structure with holes for hds crane, which makes it easy to transport and assemble. The frame is made of 3 mm thick cold-formed sheet. Our frames have a gutter system in posts that allows you to easily drain any amount of water.

The elements on the long sides of the frames are made as the only one-piece elements, which allows us to eliminate welding and grinding, and this has a positive effect on the aesthetics and durability.

Container dimensions (Standard)

-19.86ft x 7.98ft x 9.35ft (6.05 x 2.43 x 2.85m).

Container height inside 8.20ft / 2.50m)

-19.86ftx9.84ftx9.35ft (6.05×3.00×2.85m) Container height inside 8.20ft / 2.50m)

-19.86ft x 15.97ft x 9.35ft (6.05 x 4.87 x 2.85m) 2 modules stuck together, outer dimension)

6.05×6.00×2.85m (2 modules joined together, external dimension)

Other dimensions available according to the investor’s design !!!



Window and door system for interior development

The ACS 50 system is intended for the production of single and double leaf windows and doors, also in the smoke-tight option.

The system has partition walls with posts and without posts, including the possibility of central glazing. The ACS 50 system has frames for mounting all-glass leaves. It is characterized by high acoustic and endurance properties of the building being created.

Internal partitions

Various post variants


Freedom of angular connections


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