Why build a commercial pavilion?

The pavilion is an open space with flexible architectural methods that were built as a resting place or gathering place for people. The pavilions can be permanent or temporary. Even you can change the design according to its location. The pavilions have many functions, namely as a shelter, a place to rest, a meeting place, a place to eat, a place to study, or where certain events take place. You can make a large pavilion following the needs and areas of construction. The pavilion has various designs. Some are attached to the major building, but some are located separately. If we attach the pavilion to the major house building, you can create access or corridor from inside the house to go to the location. As for the pavilion which is located separately from the major building, you can design walkways that connect the main house to get to it. The design of the road or corridor connection makes the house look more beautiful and unique.

Pavilions not for the home area only, pavilions are also built-in various public places and tourist attractions. The pavilion is a very useful building and has many functions. Some popular locations to have a pavilion are Community Park, Church Property, Sports Field, Campground, School, Community Retirement, and Amusement Park. These different locations are places where the role of the pavilion is useful. For example, in an amusement park, visitors who are tired and want to rest can stop by that place to recover their energy. Another example, in a nursing home, the pavilion can be a place to relax and breathe fresh air outdoors. The residents can also get to know each other and make friends with another or new residents.

Building a pavilion does not have to cost a lot. Now, many pavilions designs use simple materials but still look shady and comfortable. We can also build the pavilions on large fish ponds or next to tourism areas such as lakes, gardens, and parks. The existence of the pavilions can also be a target for food vendors. Food vendors can use that place as their selling stall or can sell around the pavilion area. The pavilions in a public place, such as the plaza, can be a resting place and gathering place for people who visit there. Besides being able to build good social relationships, the pavilion also makes spatial planning more beautiful.

commercial pavillion

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